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Tehran University

My workshop on:

" Technology, Techniques, Materials

for Internet-based Listening Labs".

By: Morteza Barin

Tehran University(July 18-19,2007)

The Fourth Conference on Issues in English Language Teaching in Iran. (IELTI-4)

5th Asiatefl International Conference in Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur (2007)

Presenting my paper
in 5th International Aisatefl
Conference in Malaysia.
(Putra World Trade Center- Kuala Lumpur)

(8th - 10th -June- 2007 )

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Dr.Ahangari,M.Barin, Dr. Behnam, Dr.Saeidi Posted by Picasa

Dr.Ahangari & Dr.Saeidi (my defence session August 19,2006) Posted by Picasa

MY M.A. Thesis Defence Session ( August 19,2006) Time: 9 Am

In the name of God

The Effect of Internet-Based Listening Tasks on
Listening Comprehension of Iranian EFL learners

Morteza Barin

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Statement of the Problem and the Purpose of the Study
1.3. Significance of and Justification for the Study
1.4. Research Question and Hypothesis:

What is the Effect of Internet-Based Listening Comprehension Tasks on listening comprehension?

Based on the research question which was mentioned, it is thought that using Internet-Based Tasks gives high degree of motivation, so it has positive effect on improving listening comprehension.
Null Hypothesis:
Internet-Based Tasks have no effect on listening comprehension of EFL learners.
1.1. Definition of Key Terms:
CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
Distance –Learning
Open learning
Web-based training (WBT)

1.2. Limitation and Delimitation of the Study

Chapter Two: Review of related Literature

2.1. Related Theoretical Views
2.2. The integration of internet-based activities and task-based teaching and learning
2.3. Related Empirical Studies

Chapter Three: Methodology
3.0. Restatement of the Hypothesis
3.1. Participants
3.2. Instrumentation
3.3. Procedure
3.4. Design

Chapter Four: Data Analysis and Discussion

4.0. Data Analysis and Discussion:
The main finding of this study shows that the students who used internet-based tasks had a good level of listening comprehension than those who did not used internet in their learning process.

Chapter Five: Conclusion and Pedagogical Implication

5.0. Conclusion: using internet-based activities by language learners have a positive effect on listening comprehension.

5.1. Pedagogical Implication
5.2. Suggestion for the Future Study

Best Wishes-Barin
August 19, 2006
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The topic of my M.A thesis is : " the effect of internet-based listening tasks on listening comprehension of Iranian EFL learners

In our modern world the internet is known as a superhighway information source. Interest in the internet technologies for communication and education has recently increased greatly all over the world. Soon the online language teaching and learning will be replaced with the traditional means of education. In this study, we wanted to investigate the effect of internet-based listening tasks on listening comprehension of Iranian EFL high school students of khoy city in West Azarbayjan. So, we studied the already done works and then we tested it on our students. The method which is used in this study was experimental. At the beginning of our research we administered pre-test in each group to recognize their background knowledge of listening comprehension. Experimental group received their input through internet and control groups’ listening source was tape-recorder. At the end, post-test administered for both of the groups and the Analysis of Variances was used for data analysis. By referring to scholars’ views and interpretation of our findings, it indicated that internet-based tasks can be used as a main source of developing language skills. Finally, we come to conclusion that the students who used internet-based listening tasks were more active and successful than the traditional group.

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Sunset in Winter but hope for a new Day 2006 Posted by Picasa

winter 2.Jan.2006-Azad University of Tabriz Posted by Picasa

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