Saturday, August 19, 2006

MY M.A. Thesis Defence Session ( August 19,2006) Time: 9 Am

In the name of God

The Effect of Internet-Based Listening Tasks on
Listening Comprehension of Iranian EFL learners

Morteza Barin

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Statement of the Problem and the Purpose of the Study
1.3. Significance of and Justification for the Study
1.4. Research Question and Hypothesis:

What is the Effect of Internet-Based Listening Comprehension Tasks on listening comprehension?

Based on the research question which was mentioned, it is thought that using Internet-Based Tasks gives high degree of motivation, so it has positive effect on improving listening comprehension.
Null Hypothesis:
Internet-Based Tasks have no effect on listening comprehension of EFL learners.
1.1. Definition of Key Terms:
CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
Distance –Learning
Open learning
Web-based training (WBT)

1.2. Limitation and Delimitation of the Study

Chapter Two: Review of related Literature

2.1. Related Theoretical Views
2.2. The integration of internet-based activities and task-based teaching and learning
2.3. Related Empirical Studies

Chapter Three: Methodology
3.0. Restatement of the Hypothesis
3.1. Participants
3.2. Instrumentation
3.3. Procedure
3.4. Design

Chapter Four: Data Analysis and Discussion

4.0. Data Analysis and Discussion:
The main finding of this study shows that the students who used internet-based tasks had a good level of listening comprehension than those who did not used internet in their learning process.

Chapter Five: Conclusion and Pedagogical Implication

5.0. Conclusion: using internet-based activities by language learners have a positive effect on listening comprehension.

5.1. Pedagogical Implication
5.2. Suggestion for the Future Study

Best Wishes-Barin
August 19, 2006
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